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Test yourself


Choose the best word from each drop-down box.



Choose the best word in [brackets] from each choice. Answers will be given at the end of each question.

1. One of the most common complaints about this technology is that it is [incompatible, reluctant] with many web applications such as video streaming.

Answer: incompatible

2. Communities have always needed faith, myth or ritual to ensure [coherence, format] is maintained.

Answer: coherence

3. Professor Mitchell is here tonight to give us his [norms, insights] into the tension between the need for border security and the plight of refugees.

Answer: insights

4. It has become common for leaders during a recession to [restraint, restrain restraining] wage increases for politicians as a symbol of solidarity with the people.

Answer: restrain

5. In family businesses, the [overlap, protocol] of usually separate relationships can cause tension; for example father-son can also be boss-employee.

Answer: overlap

6. Meditation is increasingly being utilised by professionals in all fields as a way to [conceive, attain] the calm and focus necessary for peak performance.

Answer: attain

7. Work has [founded, commenced] on the main stadium complex, which will take five years, and a team of 420, to construct.

Answer: commenced

8. Sustainability is an [integral, intermediate] part of the design, and materials have been chosen for their minimal impact on the environment.

Answer: integral

9. Ultimately, the funding body must be [invoked, convinced] that your research will produce findings that can be applied in the real world.

Answer: convinced

10. Occasionally it is not possible to resolve the dispute internally, in which case external [mediation, controversy] can be productive.

Answer: mediation

11. There has been some recent speculation on the possibility of a [unified, compelled] Asian currency, but the Euro’s problems suggest this may be unwise.

Answer: unified

12. For instance, families who provide [passive, ongoing] care for elderly relatives would undoubtedly benefit from this kind of financial assistance.

Answer: ongoing

13. Learning is not [confining, confines, confined] to the classroom, nor is it solely managed by teachers; students must drive how they engage with the material.

Answer: confined

14. The tension between humans and their environment, whether natural or man-made, is a [devoted, persistent] theme of her films.

Answer: persistent