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Test yourself


Choose the best word from each drop-down box.



Choose the best word in [brackets] from each choice. Answers will be given at the end of each question.

1. The recent [dramatic, definite] economic decline of several countries in the European Union has sparked debate about the future of the Euro.

Answer: dramatic

2. By studying clothing and tools found at archaeological sites, researchers have [converted, inferred] much about the lifestyle of humans many centuries ago.

Answer: inferred

3. The most interesting results came from questions 15-19, (see [appendix, channel] 3 for the complete questionnaire).

Answer: appendix

4. A new street level drainage system has been designed, [minimised, minimising, minimise] the potential for flooding during the annual monsoonal rains.

Answer: minimising

5. During the [simulate, simulation, simulator] , nursing students experienced a typical night in a hospital emergency ward, with actors playing the patients.

Answer: simulation

6. The campaign to [prohibit, prohibited, prohibitive] smoking in public places has so far not gained much support in many countries in Asia.

Answer: prohibitive

7. Although the [identical, empirical] research did not pinpoint any one pattern of behaviour in the adolescent male group, it did reveal some interesting data.

Answer: empirical

8. The [foundation, infrastructure] of all good academic writing is planning; without this, the writer’s ideas and arguments will not be expressed clearly.

Answer: foundation

9. One cannot [deniable, deny, denial] the remarkable influence of Brown on the theories of the last fifty years, though many researchers now dismiss her approach.

Answer: deny

10. Working within a [widespread, hierarchical] organisation can pose challenges for those not used to clearly marked lines of reporting and communication.

Answer: hierarchical

11. This lecture will [denote, highlight] the importance of childhood immunisation programs for successful eradication of disease.

Answer: highlight

12. Any participant who tested positive during the allergy test was [automate, automatically, automated] allocated to one of the trial groups for further treatment.

Answer: automatically

13. [induced, implicit] in the use of computer-based learning in our universities is the expectation that all students are competent with this technology.

Answer: implicit

14. The software is designed to [restoration, restore, restored] the most recent settings if a fault causes it to close unexpectedly.

Answer: restore

15. They observed that the frogs with the greatest [deviate, deviated, deviation] from the normal skin colour were the ones most likely to survive in the new habitat.

Answer: deviation