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Test yourself


Choose the best word from each drop-down box.


Choose the best word in [brackets] from each choice. Answers will be given at the end of each question.

1. In a bid to find more [underlying, sustainable] types of engine fuel, the aviation industry is experimenting with the use of eucalypt trees in biofuel.

Answer: sustainable

2. These measurements are [capable, accurate] to within one one-hundredth of a millimetre.

Answer: accurate

3. This paper sets out to [challenge, draft] the current accepted approach by proposing a new design framework.

Answer: challenge

4. The third [edit, edition, editor] of the book contains a revised section on the use of technology to support research in the area.

Answer: edition

5.Candidates will possess an [orientate, orientation, orientating ] to lifelong learning, demonstrated in their commitment to professional development.

Answer: orientation

6. Industry placements are an integral part of the course, and [nevertheless, furthermore] often provide the most valuable outcomes for students.

Answer: furthermore

7. There is often [conflicting, conflict, conflicted] between the desire to be environmentally friendly and the financial cost of ‘green’ products such as organic food.

Answer: conflict

8. There is usually an [conflict, expansion] of around seven to eight years between the discovery of a vaccine and it being commercially available to the public.

Answer: conflict

9. In [liberal, liberalise, liberalism] democratic societies, the role of the media in reporting on, criticising and to some extent shaping government policy is complex.

Answer: liberal

10.This paper aims to make an [expert, explicit] link between governmental policies of the last twenty years and the current rise in homelessness.

Answer: explicit

11. The 50+ age group reported that they used the Internet for 30 minutes a day, [whereas, nevertheless] those aged 18-30 spent almost five times as long surfing the Web.

Answer: whereas

12. The award is presented to the student with the best [federal, aggregate] performance in the final year of the program.

Answer: aggregate

13. The [stability, perspective] of the compound at various temperatures was tested.

Answer: stability