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Test yourself


Choose the best word from each drop-down box.



Choose the best word in [brackets] from each choice. Answers will be given at the end of each question.

1. Researchers have documented many cases of the pollution limit being exceeded – in one [instance, hence] it was over ten times the legal safe level.

Answer: instance

2. Many experts recommend engaging with the relevant [professionally, professionalism, professional] bodies in your field of study while you are still at university.

Answer: professional

3. Expressions of interest are sought from those wishing to attend the [conferring, conference, confer].

Answer: conference

4. These organisations can be vital to people with severe physical disabilities, who often feel [excluded, attribute] from their community.

Answer: excluded

5. Reacting against the [sufficient, dominant] social beliefs of the early 20th century, these women revolutionised the position of women in public life.

Answer: dominant

6. The Spencer Prize is an [annual, cycle] award given for excellence in collaborative research.

Answer: annual

7. Whilst some continue to [debate, predict] the exact causes of the problem, there is a general move towards the acceptance of Grave’s Theory.

Answer: debate

8. The committee’s role is to oversee the [investigation, investigate, investigative] into the reasons for the decline.

Answer: investigation

9. All of the various [components, outcomes] of the machinery must be checked for faults every twelve months.

Answer: components

10. Over the last decade we have seen a marked increase in [immigrate, immigration, immigrated] from Horn of Africa countries such as South Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia.

Answer: immigration

11. It is essential to evaluate the [concentration, validity] of your research findings for different purposes such as decision making or trend analysis.

Answer: validity

12. This is a complex issue, and [considerable, approximate] research is needed into the likely impact of a change of policy at this time.

Answer: considerable

13. Rather, developing countries often face [constrained, constrain, constraints] such as lack of infrastructure, which make widespread health programs challenging.

Answer: constraints

14. The aim is to find a [resolution, resolve, resolved] that is acceptable and beneficial to both parties, thereby avoiding legal action.

Answer: resolution

15. It is likely that any change to the way education is funded will have far-reaching [implicate, implicated, implications] for the academic success of this entire generation.

Answer: implications

16. The exceptionally heavy rainfall, and the [prior, subsequent] widespread flooding, left the banana crops in ruin.

Answer: subsequent

17. Students will be encouraged to explore a range of experimental [techniques, circumstances] for working with materials such as wood, fabric and metal.

Answer: techniques

18. Innovative measures to ease the [volume, task] of traffic entering the city during peak hours will be discussed.

Answer: volume