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RMIT University Library - Learning Lab

Structuring your study sessions


Use the following time break down to structure a study block. Many people forget to check what they have learnt at the end of a session.

Time Topic
5 mins

Spend the first five minutes selecting the topic you are going to study and dot point what you already know. Use this to assess what you don't know, or don't know well enough.


2 - 3 mins

Spend 2 - 3 minutes deciding what to learn. Don't study what you already know, look for the gaps in your knowledge, i.e. what you don't know.


45 mins

Once you've decided what you need to learn, use active learning and revision techniques to learn your topic area. For example:

  • read
  • summarise
  • mindmaps
  • flowcharts
  • diagrams, etc.
5 - 7 mins

Spend 5 - 7 minutes checking what you have learnt. How do you know if you have learnt anything? Do a dot point summary of what you have learnt and check it against the main topic content/text. If you have missed any key points, you will need to relearn them at another time.