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Group work


This tutorial gives you strategies for being part of a successful group, which you can apply to your future academic and professional life.

The tutorial will step you through a process to work together to create an effective product, as well as giving advice on how to manage each other and challenges as they arise.

Why group work?

Many courses require you to work in groups, including virtual or online groups. Group work requires you to use your organisational and interpersonal skills.

Group work helps you to:

  • develop your ability to communicate in a professional context
  • use interpersonal skills to work productively with others
  • apply leadership and project management skills to solve complex problems
  • think critically and reflectively in your subject area.

Effective groups usually think of themselves as 'teams' when working together to complete a project. An effective group assignment is one where the whole team is responsible for the outcome.

Successful group work experience   Frustrating group work experience
Group members:
  • Contribute equally
  • Communicate well
  • Are organised


Group members:
  • Do not contribute
  • Communicate poorly
  • Are not organised
The final assignment is:
  • Unified
  • Cohesive
  • Consistent
The final assignment:
  • Lacks unity and coherence
  • Does not flow
  • Is inconsistent


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