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Artist statement - formats


Your artist statement will change over time as you evolve your creative practice – you will need to write more than one!

You will also need different types of statements for different purposes.

An artist statement is useful for a portfolio of work, as part of a creative project, or as part of an application process for a job, project, exhibition, performance, grant, or other professional opportunity.

Here are some common formats for artist statements that you may need to write as a creative professional:

Artist statement formats

Short artist statement

Approximately 50-250 words or 1-3 paragraphs about your work in general. A short artist statement can be the most difficult to write. View the other pages in this section to see examples of short artist statements, and complete the writing process activities to improve your writing skills in the area.


Short project/exhibition statement

similar to the short artist statement, but for one specific creative project, exhibition or body of work.


Full-page artist statement

A longer format which allows more scope for description of the format, methods, purpose, context, and intentions of your work.


Research evidence statement

You may be required to provide a short statement with evidence of your creative practice research when applying for a grant or promotion. See this library subject guide: Research Evidence for Grants and Promotion for more details.


Artist biography (bio)

This statement is more about your history and career development than the work itself and may be short or full-page depending on the audience and purpose.

Artist statement or biography: what's the difference?

An artist statement should be about your work – the what, why and how of your creative practice.

An artist biography is about the who – it tells the reader about your personal history, career development, and achievements - where relevant to your creative practice.

You may need one or more of these statement types when writing an application or proposal. An organisation may specify which kind of statement they want and the maximum word-length for each text.


Video artist statement

A short video about your work. This should have a written text or script. Read it out as a statement to camera or format it in a different way such as an interview or montage with accompanying visual content.


You can view a variety of real artist statements and video statements linked to the Artist statement - examples page to help you get started.