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Artist statement




Writing an artist statement is an essential professional skill for any creative arts or design practice. It can help to identify what is important in your creative work.

Here you will find information and learning activities that will help you to:

Understand what an artist statement is and why it’s useful.

Identify different types of artist statements and when to use them.

Analyse examples of real professional artist statements from our RMIT creative communities and art collections.

Practice how to write an artist statement in your own words.

Communicate your creative practice to others, develop your writing skills and find your 'voice'.

What is an artist statement?

An artist statement is a short text that explains your creative work in your own words. Your artist statement can help others to understand your work and can be a way to engage and connect with your audience.

Imagine your artist statement as something that could represent you if you weren’t present to explain your work.

Your artist statement will change over time as you evolve your creative practice – you will need to write it more than once! You will also need different types of statements for different purposes.

Who needs one and why?

Who needs an artist statement? Anyone who works in creative fields such as:

  • visual & creative arts
  • graphic & product design
  • fashion & textile design
  • writing & literary arts
  • music & performing arts
  • screen & digital media
  • interior & architectural design

An artist statement is useful for a portfolio of work, as part of a creative project, or as part of an application process for a job, project, exhibition, performance, grant, or other professional opportunity.

Many artists and designers now have an online presence with websites and social media platforms showcasing their work. This is a useful way to promote yourself and form communities of practice. A relevant and current artist statement can be part of your brand and might be one of the first things people encounter when they view your work online, so it's important to know how to write about your practice in an accurate and engaging way.

How to write an artist statement - information and learning activities:


Your artist statement will change over time as you evolve your creative practice – you will need to write more than one! Here are some common formats for artist statements that you may need to write as a creative professional:

View artist statement formats


A good artist statement communicates ideas with clarity. View the videos, read these statements, analyse their content and structure, to improve your understand of how to write an engaging and effective artist statement.

View examples and learning activities (~ 30 min.)

Writing process

Writing an artist statement has several stages. Here you will learn how to go through the process of writing a clear and concise text.

View writing process learning activities (~ 1 hr, 20 min.)