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Writing your assignment


Writing the assignment

The final stage, writing your academic assignment, uses the structure you developed in the planning stage. Your paragraphs and sentences are created from your research and provide the ideas and words you use to address the task.

Read StudyBot's advice about writing your assignment. Click on the links in the conversation to access the resources.

Assessment tasks Paragraphs Paraphrasing Integrating and synthesising source material Writing critically Sentence construction and writing sentences Academic style Linking words Academic word list tool Academic phrasebank
Questions to ask Resources to help you
  • What should my assignment look like?
  • How do I organise my ideas?
  • How do I integrate my research?
  • How do I improve my grammar?
  • How do I write "academically"?

Editing and proofreading

Before submitting your assignment, revise your draft for completeness, structure and meaning, then do a final check for errors. Check that you have:

  • produced the correct type of assignment (for example: have you written a report when you were asked for an essay?)
  • met all of the task requirements
  • organised your information logically and clearly
  • correctly referenced your research in the text and in your reference list (Easy Cite will help with this)
  • used appropriate language, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Use this essay editing checklist as a guide.

Visit the RMIT Library's Study Support Hub for extra assistance.
You can also review the Research tips.