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Who will help me?


Who will help me?

There are many support services available to help you succeed in tertiary study. In this module we’ll introduce you to some services that can help you achieve your goals, find your way and support you if things don’t go as expected.

Discover the different services you will need during teritiary studies, including enrolment, IT support, study support, library services, health, wellbeing and safety.

  • University administration

    Explore information and tips for accessing and utilizing various support services available at tertiary institutions, including enrolment and admin assistance, IT support and student groups.

  • Study support and library services

    Many study support services are available to students, both online and face-to-face, including online chat, academic skills and research support, course-specific help, peer mentoring and online resources.

  • Wellbeing, health and safety

    Discover the support services available to ensure your wellbeing, health, and safety as a tertiary student, including equitable learning and accessibility services, counseling and campus security.

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