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University administration


University administration

If you're unsure where to turn for help with IT issues or administrative matters such as enrolment, or you're looking to connect with other students outside of class, the following resources can help.

Enrolment and other admin

The enrolment process can be overwhelming and confusing. Support staff will be available to help you with the enrolment process, from accepting your offer to study, planning and enrolling in your subjects, to organizing your timetable and more.

To find access to these services, go to your institution's homepage and look for the 'Students' section on the website.

The college, school or faculty that manages your course can also help with administrative matters. Contact them online via the Learning Management System (LMS), or call or chat online with your course coordinator.

Information technology support

IT support, sometimes called ITS, can help with wifi access, passwords, software, and access to university systems.

Student groups

Tertiary institutions have a range of student groups that can support you in your study, connect you with other students, and provide opportunities to engage in activities outside of your coursework.

There will be sporting, cultural and social clubs, as well as academic societies you can join to expand your social network and enrich your university experience.

Look for your institution's student union online which will have information about student groups, as well as services which support your rights as a student.

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