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Time management tools


Useful tools for time management

By structuring your study time on a semester, weekly and daily basis you will gain control over your time and avoid the distraction of unimportant activities. To successfully organise your time you need to work out how much time is available and how you can best use this time. There are several useful planners that will help you plan your time.

Assignment Planner

The RMIT Library has a great assignment planning tool that is easy to use and provides you with step-by-step plan, withs links to lots of resources to help you stay on task.

Yearly or semester planners

This is used for all important dates and deadlines such as semester dates, assignment deadlines and exams. Make sure you include extra-curricular activities such as appointments or family commitments. Download a semester planner from the links below.
Image of semester planner

Semester planner (DOC 42KB)
Semester planner (PDF 12KB)

Weekly timetable

A weekly timetable works in much the same way as a semester guide but gives a more detailed account of your activities on a daily basis. Use a weekly timetable to map all regular activities such as classes, work and leisure activities. Colour coding is useful. Download a weekly planner from the links below.
Image of weekly planner

Weekly planner (DOC 47KB)
Weekly planner (PDF 11KB)

Daily planner

Use a diary or a daily 'to do' list. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to write down what you plan to do during the following day. This helps you evaluate what you've achieved that day and establishes a plan for the next. Download a daily planner from the links below.

Daily planner (DOC 24KB)
Daily planner (PDF 10KB)


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