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Technology in tertiary study


Technology in tertiary study

At tertiary level, you will use many digital resources to help navigate your way through your program. The ability to understand and use various tools and platforms will support your studies and make your experience more rewarding.

Technology you'll need

  • Access to a laptop or PC
    You'll need a laptop or PC to access most of your course material, assignments, and information. The school won't provide them, but you can use computers at computer labs or the library if they're available.
  • WiFi access
    You can log in to university WiFi using your student credentials. Having WiFi at home will let you access online services that can assist with your studies.
  • A mobile phone
    Universities often offer apps that help you find your way around campus, contact security, manage your timetable, and access your personalized communications. Find essential student resources in the RMIT App.
  • Software
    You'll need to use various systems and tools throughout your studies, from enrolment to graduation. Depending on your program or descipline, you might need specific hardware or software. Ask your course coordinator or IT support for guidance.

How you'll use it

You will need to perform various tasks using digital technology. These might include:

  • Learning
    Access course information and interact with classmates and teachers online.
  • Participation
    Join in and contribute to online classes, discussions and projects.
  • Collaboration and communication
    Share information and ideas, network, and complete group assignments.
  • Creation
    Use your computer to create videos, essays, reports, literature reviews, presentations, infographics, and spreadsheets for assessments.
  • File management
    Manage and store information and data, assignments, required reading and research.
  • Portfolios
    You may consider collecting your work to present to prospective employers. It may also be a requirement of your studies.

Many of these skills form the basis of digital capabilities considered essential in your studies, life and work.

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