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Learning styles - what type of learner are you?


Find your learning style/s

Rank the three answers to each question. Give 3 marks for your most preferred answer, 2 marks for your second preference and 1 mark for your last preference.

1. I learn best from:

  1. diagrams, pictures or handouts
  2. hearing a good explanation or having a discussion
  3. either taking notes or being involved in some activity

2. If I can’t find something, I:

  1. picture where I might I have left it
  2. either talk to myself about where I may have left it or ask others for clues or ideas
  3. physically retrace my steps

3. When I am learning something new, like running a new piece of software, I generally:

  1. refer to the manual
  2. ask others to explain the instructions to me
  3. just jump in, make mistakes and learn as I go

4. I solve problems most easily by:

  1. visualising how they could be solved
  2. discussing possible solutions with others
  3. working on the problems

5. When I want to concentrate, I’m most easily distracted by:

  1. seeing people moving around
  2. noises, music or people talking
  3. physical discomfort, such as being either too hot or too cold

6. When I am reading a book, I:

  1. see the characters in my mind as if I am watching a movie
  2. pay most of my attention to what the characters are saying
  3. feel for the characters and identify with their experiences

7. When I spell difficult words, I would prefer to:

  1. see the word in my mind or write it down to see how it looks
  2. hear it in my mind or sound the words out
  3. see the word on paper or in my mind to find out if it feels right

8. I would find it easier to:

  1. draw a picture, diagram or sketch of something
  2. write a letter, story or compose a song
  3. make something or do an experiment

Ranking - tally the results for each question

Question a b c

Answer key

  • If you have a majority of a) answers your learning style is visual
  • If you have a majority of b) answers your learning style is auditory
  • If you have a majority of c) answers your learning style is kinaesthetic

Often participants may find that their results show that they have a preference for more than one style.

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