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Interacting on a discussion board


Posting on discussion boards will give you the opportunity to improve your communication and collaboration skills by interacting with your peers and engaging more deeply with your course.

When interacting on discussion boards, you will often be required to agree or disagree with something a classmate has written. Providing feedback, including constructive criticism, on classmates' work can be tricky. The tips below can help you write polite and effective feedback.

How to agree/disagree with a classmate’s post

When disagreeing with what has been written in a post, be mindful of your tone. Don’t just disagree, use evidence to support your opinion, so your classmate can better understand your point of view.

When agreeing, make sure to write more than ‘I agree’. Refer to a specific point and explain why you agree. Giving examples and contributing to the conversation will make the discussion richer.

Remember that you are in an academic forum, which means it’s best to use academic language and avoid jokes or sarcasm.

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