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RMIT University Library - Learning Lab

HEPPP funded initiatives


A growing body of learning resources on the Learning Lab has been developed with the support of funding by the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP). These materials aim to support the attraction and retention of students who identify as or are:

  • from regional Australia
  • from remote Australia
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, or 
  • from low SES backgrounds.

2022 projects

During the course of 2022, development of learning resources in the format of a virtual workplace are being developed to contextualise Learning Lab materials. The aim of this project is to provide real world examples of the implementation of knowledge required by students at a tertiary level. This project has gathered significant interest as it will be available to learners and teachers outside RMIT, and features in presentations at the 2022 CAUL "Enabling a Modern Curriculum" Conference

Presentation slides from Teryn Attwell and Dr Azadeh Mobasheri from the CAUL conference are available below.

These materials will be published here on the Learning Lab, and also made available on RMIT's Pressbooks platform, which allows low-fidelity downloads of this content in PDF and ePUB versions - to support learning and teaching in areas where reliable internet or technology device access may be an issue.

These materials will be launched in December 2022, on the open web and available to educators and learners everywhere.

For more information, please contact the RMIT University Library's Digital Learning Team

As the project progresses, updates will be posted here.

2021 projects

Following funding secured in 2021, the following resources were developed:

Navigating online group work

Activities and tutorials: Learning how to collaborate effectively when doing group work online will help you get the most out of your units and assessments. This is an important digital literacy skill which is highly valued by employers.

Using discussion boards

Activities and tutorials:“Discussion boards are platforms on which you can communicate asynchronously with your peers and tutors during an online course. The purpose of a discussion board is to provide you with the opportunity to exchange ideas, share content, and ask questions.”

Writing academic emails

“University emails are generally expected to be concise pieces of formal or semi-formal written communication. Learning how to structure an academic email, and the content to include, can help you get your message or request across clearly and effectively.”

Mastering class participation

“Staying focused and motivated while participating in online learning is a lifelong skill that will help you beyond university and in the workplace. These tutorials will help you prepare for your online classes as well as empower you to contribute in a respectful and meaningful way.”

The tutorials link to and reinforce existing Learning Lab material and other Library micro-credentials. This resource will be especially useful for pre-enrolled, and actively enrolled students who have not studied online before, are returning to study after a prolonged period, and/or may be apprehensive about online learning.