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Editing and proofing


Before submitting any assessment, it is important that you spend some time editing and proofreading your work.

Make sure you have followed the task instructions, addressed the marking criteria and presented your work as well as possible. Use the following checklist to make sany revisions before submitting your assignment:

  • Have you identified the key issues and problems?
  • Have you used theory, concepts and/or models to analyse these issues and problems?
  • Have you included specific examples from the case to support your analysis?
  • Do the solutions/recommendations you propose address the key issues (problems) you identified?
  • Are there references to indicate where you've integrated theories/concepts from your research?
  • Have you provided a reference list using the appropriate referencing style?
  • Have you checked for spelling and grammar errors?
  • Is your writing clear and concise?
For further information see Editing an essay.