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What will I do?


What will I do?

Going to university is an exciting opportunity to pursue your academic goals, invest in your career, and also learn and develop as a person. The transition into to higher or vocational education is a big step in your life journey.

Students entering tertiary institutions straight from high school can feel unprepared for studying in higher education. Others, returning to study from work, can find it challenging to become familiar with study expectations. Many people have also moved to Australia for the first time, and may feel overwhelmed with cultural adaptations.

It's normal for everyone to have those feelings when transitioning to higher education. No matter how you got here, let's take a look at some tips and advice to give you a head start in your transition.

  • Orientation programs

    Tertiary institutions provide orientation programs with events, activities, and resources to help new students transition to university life.

  • Changing habits and developing self-direction

    Success in tertiary education requires good study habits, as well as self-direction and a flexible approach to learning.

  • Social connections

    Develop your personal and professional networks by joining groups, activities or cultural clubs and getting or know your teachers and peers.

  • New ways of learning

    Learn more about independent and active learning, critical thinking, collaborative learning, academic integrity, referencing and time management.

  • Types of classes and assessments

    Understanding the various class types and assessment types you can expect to encounter at university will help you be prepared and successful.

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