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Mind mapping


Mind mapping is a creative and logical means of note-taking and note-making that literally "maps out" your ideas.

Mind maps are a useful tool for making notes, revising and organising information. They are a visual representation of connections between concepts and ideas that are related to one central topic.

Why are mind maps useful?

Mind maps are an extremely useful study tool for several reasons:

  • mind maps help to clarify the key concepts of a topic
  • they show links and relationships between ideas
  • mind maps organise ideas and information by making it accessible on a single page
  • they facilitate memory through key words and phrases
  • mind maps save time as they are very quick to do.

Mind maps are particularly useful for scoping and planning a topic for an assignment or essay and for revising and preparing for tests and exams.

Test yourself

Look at the following list of ideas about 'Forms of water'.

Forms of water

  • Gas
    - water vapour
    - steam
  • Solid
    - frost
    - snow
    - ice
  • Liquid
    - cloud
    - rain
    - fog
    - mist
    - stream
    - dew

Now, look at the mind map version of the same ideas. Which version is easier to remember?

Main topic at the top in text (Forms of water). Branching out in three directions: Gas, Liquid and Solid. Each of these three sections have sub-points in circles.

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