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About the institution


About the institution

This section will introduce you to the people and places that make up a tertiary institution and help unpack some of the concepts so they feel a little more familiar.

Tertiary institutions are large places with lots of different spaces and staff members who support these spaces and students. Like any community, everyone contributes to keep things running. We might only view these educational organisation as places to learn, though they do so much more to contribute to society, so having an understanding of how they operate will help you get the most out your time there.

  • Spaces and resources

    Learn what to expect when you arrive on campus, from study spaces to places for community and cultural activites.

  • Educators

    You will encounter a variety of educators in different roles throughout your tertiary education.

  • Modes of study

    Tertiary education coursework can include various online and in-person classroom structures.

  • University structure

    Learn more about how the university is organised and the many types of study programs available.

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