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RMIT University Library - Learning Lab

Updates Jan to May 2021

The Learning Lab underwent significant chnages in early 2021. Most were 'under the hood' and were intended to improve SEO serchability and the removal of duplicated content. The list of changes, though not limited to, are
  • Site wide content & engagement review 2019-2020 
  • SEO improvements – top 200 pages 
  • Metadata – for high performing pages 
  • Navigation reorganisation 
  • Updated header to better match RMIT Style 
  • Redirects on duplicated content 
  • Typos (of course) 
  • Fixed dead links 
  • Removed links to services RMIT no longer offers 
  • Split Nursing resources into Health Care themes 
  • Accessibility uplift and new content for maths 
  • Copied PDF content and created as pages 
  • Embedded law videos and pages 
  • Created new law resource assessment section