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Sustainable development goals in your life


The United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) can be found in many parts of your everyday life. RMIT is a UN SDG partner, and there are numerous projects running on campus, in classrooms and through industry partnerships.

Image attribution: Johnstocker on Adobe Stock

In this section, we explore the SDGs in your everyday life. You can design your own sustainability goal by applying the principles we have explored in previous sections, and take action to make the world a little more sustainable.



Further learning

RMIT students can enrol in these short courses...

Learning to walk the talk
This course gives you the skills and knowhow to create, promote and drive sustainability changes inside an organisation. You'll get the fundamentals on implementing sustainability in a corporate environment, including how to align your sustainability plan with a business's strategy, and how to measure and report on your plan's progress.
You'll also learn about the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals and how to apply them in a business environment so you can get to work on making a real difference.
(approx 2 hrs, online, 10 skill points)

Ethical cities
This course gives you a rock-solid grounding in building the cities of the future. By embarking on a survey of case studies from around the world, and a deep dive into the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, you’ll construct your personal approach to improving governance, boosting sustainability and developing a better quality of life – in any city you set your sights on.
(approx 3 hrs, online, 10 skill points)