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The RMIT Learning Lab gives you access to a wide range of resources to help you improve your general academic study, writing, maths and science skills.


Explore strategies to help you transition to tertiary study in Australia.
Explore these tutorials to learn more about communicating and collaborating online.
Essential resources for writing skills needed in tertiary study.
How to correctly use different referencing styles in academic writing to avoid plagiarism and get better marks.
Key study strategies needed for successful tertiary learning: mind mapping, note-taking, reading skills, exam preparation, critical thinking.
Sustainability is woven into our lives today. Understanding sustainability and how it impacts your life and work is important for all of us no matter our career paths or where we live.
Critical thinking is an essential skill for succeeding in your studies, and life. These tutorials will take you from understanding the basics of critical thinking, refining your research skills and finally analysing your sources.
Resources to help you with critical and reflective writing, artist statements, essays and more.
These resources for chemistry students will help you to improve your skills in areas such as electron configuration and chemical bonding.
Need support with studying law? Check out these resources.
We've got plenty of maths and statistic resources to help you get the most out of your study.
These resources are designed to support Nursing students. Topics include nursing calculations, APA referencing, critical incident report and more.
This tutorial is designed for physics students to improve their knowledge and find out more about Measurement, Vectors, Statics, Dynamics and Electricity.
Knowledge of academic integrity will help you succeed in your studies, give you agency to express your own ideas and help you succeed by understanding when and how to acknowledge sources and how to avoid academic misconduct.
Develop your English language skills while you study. Links to tips, tutorials and resources.