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Reflective writing


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Academic reflection activities

Quizzes to test your knowledge of reflective writing in academia.

Case study report for nursing

A series of videos explaining case study writing for nursing

Critical incident report for nursing

Short videos and instructions on how to complete a critical incident report and reflective writing in nursing.

Essays, Reports, Reflective Writing

Future application

The final section of a studio knowledge object speculates about how you can transfer this new knowledge to future projects and professional practice.

How to use DIEP (Describe Interpret Evaluate Plan)

How to use DIEP process to guide reflective writing


Reflections identify key learning and insights gained through critical incidents in the design process and activities in the studio.

Reflective writing

Tutorials and study tips for reflective writing including critical incident reports for nursing

Reflective writing in design

Reflecting on practice is an important means of developing expertise in design. Structured reflection involves identifying significant events that lead to learning, identifying their value and...

Sample reflection

Academic reflection sample showing the DIEP process

Writing an academic reflection

Information on writing an academic reflection including the DIEP process, an example and a quiz activity