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Critical writing


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Overall coherence occurs at the essay level, as well as the paragraph and sentence level. Your response to the assessment task should read as a continuous, connected piece of writing.


The structure of your essay provides a framework for the logical development of your argument, from the introduction through the body and to the conclusion.


The conclusion is your final opportunity to persuade the reader of your position based on the information you have presented. An effective conclusion establishes a sense of completeness.

Critical essay: Communication design

This resource will help you critically discuss key historical, technological and theoretical developments in communication design, and their relationships to contemporary communication design.

Critical essay: Landscape architecture

This resource provides a guide for writing a critical essay in landscape architecture.

Critical writing

Resources and tutorials to help you with a range of critical writing skills in design

Exercise - elements of critical thinking

In this example paragraph, note how the writer has structured their paragraph to support their contention stated in their topic sentence.

Framework, research and project

The diagram on this page shows the relationships between the framework, the research and the project. All of these help you to develop your argument and inform your essay.

Integrating evidence

At postgraduate level you are expected to refer to a wide range sources as evidence of the depth of your reading.

Integrating evidence

To reinforce your argument, integrate the analysis of experts by using citations - both direct and indirect.


This section outlines how to write the introduction for your critical writing assignment

Studio knowledge object

The studio knowledge object records learning and insights gained in a design studio course.

Voice examples

This video contains examples that show you how voice is developed in the literature review.