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Academic English


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Assignment slammer

This short tutorial walks you through the process of preparing, planning and writing an assignment.

Be coherent

Coherent text and paragraphs in good academic writing


How to write a cohesive paragraph with example text and learning activities

Common errors

Poor writing and common errors in a literature review


Writing a conclusion in your academic essay

Get started

This tutorial covers how to get started with your research. It begins with an overview of the information search process, then focuses on how to understand your assignment task, and finally, how to...

Integrating ideas

Integrating ideas in academic writing to create a cohesive argument


A short video about using the LibrarySearch search engine to find print and electronic resources held by RMIT University Library

Paraphrasing activity

Paraphrasing quiz activity showing good and bad examples

Strategies for integrating references

Learn two useful strategies for incorporating references into your assignment.

The web

Using the Web (Internet) to find the right information for academic study

Useful websites

Links to useful websites to help you improve your English skills and grammar.

What is scholarly information?

An overview of types of information sources used for scholarly research

Why can't I just Google it?

Activity and video about the advantages and disadvantages of using Google and Wikipedia as research sources

Word list

Sublists 9 & 10 of the Academic Word List.

Word list

Sublists 7 & 8 of the Academic Word List.

Word list

Sublists 5 & 6 of the Academic Word List.

Word list

Sublists 3 & 4 of the Academic Word List.

Word list

Sublists 1 & 2 of the Academic Word List.

Writing a legal argument

The example paragraphs below demonstrate the things you need to include to write a successful legal argument.