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New students


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Expectations of students

Many new students are surprised that they are expected to become self-directed and independent learners in Australian tertiary institutions. The information here will help you to develop your...

International student stories

In this resource, eight RMIT students share some of their experiences in adapting to study in Australia. The resource will introduce four areas that international students often find new and a little...

New to university?

If you're new to RMIT, get a head start with these study resources. Make sure you try the Getting Started quizzes.

Student stories

International students were asked "Was referencing a new skill for you?"

Student stories

International students were asked "Were your experiences at RMIT different to your expectations?"

Study support

Access study support if you need help using the Library or assistance with your coursework.

What's a library database?

This short video gives an explanation of library databases and how to use them from a student's perspective.