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Word practice



You can improve your use of academic words by doing this two-part activity.

Read each sentence and select the best word choice from each drop-down box.



Read each sentence and choose the best word choice inside the [brackets].

1. [Whereas, hence] in the past computers were too expensive for many families, today’s production techniques enable most households to afford a basic PC.

Answer: whereas

2. Simply being [aware, discriminated] of an issue is not enough to motivate a person to attempt to solve it; rather they must feel that the issue directly affects them.

Answer: aware

3. Tutors will use their [enforcement, discretion] in granting extensions for assignments.

Answer: discretion

4. Employers are increasingly seeking graduates with a global [orientation, monitoring].

Answer: orientation

5. Scientists have proven the importance of genetics in this area, and [furthermore, despite], shown that lifestyle is not a major factor, as once thought.

Answer: furthermore

6. One difficulty of learning a language is understanding [index, abstract] concepts, which may have no direct translation in the learner’s native tongue.

Answer: abstract

7. Experts have warned of the effects of global warming for years; [nevertheless, preceding], most governments have not implemented any real change in policy.

Answer: nevertheless

8. Following a spike in the [incidence, welfare] of the disease in the 1980s, funding was increased for scientists engaged in investigating the causes.

Answer: incidence

9. The [input, ratio] of major stakeholders such as community groups, legal representatives and educators was sought when designing the framework.

Answer: input

10. Once the information has entered the public [generation, domain], particularly through social networking media, it can be very hard to erase.

Answer: domain

11. Students must display a thorough understanding of the [exceeding, underlying] principles and demonstrate that they can apply them in a variety of scenarios.

Answer: underlying