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Word practice



You can improve your use of academic words by doing this two-part activity.

Read each sentence and select the best word choice from each drop-down box.



Read each sentence and choose the best word choice inside of the square brackets.

1. Many young people still take up smoking, [despite, alternative] countless government health awareness campaigns.

Answer: despite

2. Under no [convention, circumstances] should you operate this machinery without wearing the appropriate safety clothing.

Answer: circumstances

3. This [series, sum] of experimental, collaborative projects aims to bring performers from many disciplines and backgrounds together.

Answer: series

4. There has been [considerable, located] growth in this field in recent years, creating more opportunities for researchers to attract funding.

Answer: considerable

5. The low rate of participation in sports by females [project, implies] that there is a perception that sport is a mainly male-oriented activity.

Answer: implies

6. The project participants were selected on three main [labels, criteria] experience, Spanish language ability and teamwork skills.

Answer: criteria

7. The [initial, summary] results were inconclusive, and therefore it was necessary to redesign some parts of the experiment.

Answer: initial

8. Today’s business world is global and [hence, emerge] graduates who have an understanding of another language will have a wider range of opportunities.

Answer: hence

9. The significance of these findings [status, apparent] is in the government’s recent announcement of a major review of regulations in the industry.

Answer: apparent

10. There are four [code, core] subjects and four electives that must be completed over both semesters.

Answer: core