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Although it may be tempting to share a screenshot of something funny from your group meetings or post a cool infographic your team member has made on your social media, remember that it’s important to respect everyone’s digital privacy. You will need to ask your group members for permission before sharing anything they have created.

Here are some examples of things you'll need permission to share:

  • a recording of a virtual meeting or an audio conversation
  • a screenshot of discussions between group members
  • a screenshot of group members in virtual meetings
  • academic or creativework which has been shared by a group member.

Be empathetic, inclusive, and listen to all group members. Remember that different opinions, expressed respectfully, should lead to a valuable discussion - not conflict.

Give feedback to your group members but remember to remain respectful. Don’t make it personal. See Interacting on the discussion board for more information on how to give and respond to feedback.

If you cannot resolve a conflict and it’s getting in the way of your work, get in touch with your tutor or lecturer.