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Exam conduct


Exam conduct

You might be required to sit exams during your time at university. Ensure you are acting with academic integrity by following the instructions for what you can and cannot do during exams.

Many university courses require students to sit exams at an appointed time. You might need to bring certain materials to your exams, and be prohibited from using other materials. It’s important to follow the directions provided by your instructor in order to avoid breaching academic integrity.

Exam misconduct occurs when a student:

  • has someone else sit the exam for them
  • shares current exam questions and answers online, or searches for and copies exam answers online
  • brings technology or other items into the exam which are not allowed
  • receives assistance or gives assistance to other people during the exam
  • uses additional, unapproved software or technology in an online exam.

These behaviours breach academic integrity and are not acceptable.

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