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Equation solving

  • ES1 Linear equations

    Equations with one variable may be solved using transposition skills to make the variable the subject of the equation.

  • ES2 Simultaneous equations

    Two equations in two variables are said to be simultaneous if both must be considered at the same time.

  • ES3 Quadratic equations

    The general form of a quadratic equation is A X squared plus B X plus C equals zero where A is not equal to one.

  • ES4 Quadratic formula

    The solutions to any quadratic equation can be found by substituting the values a, b, c into the quadratic formula.

  • ES5 Cubic equations, polynomial long division

    One polynomial may be divided by another of lower degree by long division (similar to arithmetic long division).

  • ES6 Exponential equations

    Indicial (or exponential) equations have the form ax = b. If we can write b as a number with a base a and an index, then we can equate the indices to find x. If two equal numbers are written to the same base then the indices must be equal.