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Mindfulness and being present

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DISCLAIMER: Six ACT Conversations is intended solely as a skill-building educational program, not as a substitute for routine or urgent psychological or psychiatric care, treatment or consultation. Students with psychological or personal problems are urged to seek a consultation with the RMIT University Counselling Service, or from their own physician, or from appropriate health care professionals. Suggestions and exercises in this program should not be construed as professional opinions aimed at establishing a diagnosis or course of treatment. Diagnosis and treatment are complex and require comprehensive face-to-face assessment, often over long periods of time. Individuals under active treatment should not construe information contained in this program as replacing or superseding recommendations of their counsellors or mental health professionals. Rather, information in this program may serve as a point of discussion between clients and their individual clinicians. Similarly, clinicians should recognise that suggestions made in this program, without benefit of direct assessment, are not intended as a replacement for direct consultative recommendations.